A Glimpse Of Garageband Guide Song Creation

Ranging from music pros to beginners, all have given their thumps up for Garageband. Instilled with plethora of features, this musical software has beaten all the amateurs as well as pros at once. Now the question is how does one use it or if you are a beginner how would you record or create your first song. The fact that the tune is hovering in your mind won`t give you success unless you use the keys to master that tune. Here is a guide of Install Garageband Software on windows 8.1 and at A Glimpse Of Garageband Guide Song Creation, we are going to talk about song creation.

Song creation

For creating a song you would have to start from the simple Apple loops. Now the question is what are apple loops? Actually apple loops are the pre recorded audio samples for beginners and actually they are fun to listen and you can use them in the song making. In fact, once the apple loop gets on you, you won`t escape from using it. They are worth of listening. So initially we keep the apple loops in the picture to create a song.

  • Accessing the loops- to access the loops, you will have to select the loops from the top right corner of Garageband. When you click, there will appear a menu for selection of loops.
  • Picking and adding drum tracks- click on the “all drums” option and a list will be displayed where selecting the drums option would be showed. In the first half of the loop menu you will see the categories of loops. Now scroll down and select from the menu” 80 pops beat 09” and click on it. By clicking you will get to preview the loop.
If you closely look at the middle of the Garageband workspace a message will be shown “Drag Apple loops”. Click on it and drag the loop to bar one of the projects below the “Classic Electric Piano”. If all goes successful you will see a new track is created. If you press space bar you would hear drum loop being played.
  • Adding bas track- to add the bass track to the track, go back to the loop menu and select “Reset” option. Click on the bass button and get the loop known as” 80s Dance Bass 05” and select it. You can also preview it by clicking it. Now drag the loop to the timeline of the workspace where you added the previous loop. If successful, you will see the screen with 2 tracks added.
  • Cycle tool- it is a very important since it helps in playing a section of song again and again. When the cycle tool is active, a yellow bar would be seen above the screen. When you activate the cycle tool, the Garageband would only play the section of track covered by the yellow bar. You can locate this tool at the top right of LCD screen of the Garageband workspace.


Amazing Advances in Home Recording

There are many important events in each of our lives that we would like to record for posterity. Especially once we have families and see how quickly children grow from toddlers to young adults, capturing precious moments becomes a real priority. Everything from a child taking their first steps to that same child growing up to have children of their own can now be recorded and re-lived again and again. We are fortunate today to have camcorder technology which makes capturing our memories both simple and affordable.
Many adults today can remember the first video recording device their family owned. For many, this was during the mid-eighties. At that point, the better technology for home use included a large, bulky camera that was bound to a large recording base (actually a VCR). These were dependent on large batteries that held little charge, and of course, the recordings themselves were on VHS media, which degrades rather quickly. Today’s technology is much improved. Gone are the bulky and easily damaged VHS tapes.

image description

We have moved beyond those to DVDs and now even to purely digital recording which can be easily transferred to a home computer and edited. Besides the media used to make recordings, the cameras themselves have been much improved.

instead of having to carry around twenty pounds of recording equipment, a high quality digital camera can easily be carried in just one hand. The total size and weight of today’s recorders are literally a fraction of the best cameras available just twenty to thirty years ago.The quality of recordings today

image description
image description

is also a far cry from what it used to be. Imaging technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Today we have auto focus cameras that can recognize and focus on faces. These cameras are available for prices that are much more accessible to the average person than the original devices.

Cutting Cell Phone Costs

Technology has certainly opened up many new possibilities for people today. The field of communications has exploded into a global network that allows us to communicate with others who are literally a world away. This can be an amazing convenience, but as we all start taking advantage of the latest breakthroughs, it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of technology. Many people are finding that diving in to the sea of new devices and services can get quite expensive in a hurry. People who used to simply have a phone bill to pay each month, now find themselves with mounting and multiple bills for the convenience of constant communication. One of the biggest expenses that people pay today is a monthly cell phone bill. You do not have to go broke in order to take advantage of all of the wonderful new technologies. You do have to be sensible though, or you will quickly find yourself paying a lot of bills.

Some people opt for pre-paid options when they are looking for cell phones. Although these may seem like a convenient for of communication, they are usually not the most cost effective way to get cell service. They generally have rather high per minute costs and Pre-paid may be a good option for very light users, but it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you will not use it much, but then being drawn into the convenience of using the cell phone instead of a land line. When considering a cell phone plan for an entire family, you need to take into account how many minutes each person will be likely to use. It does not matter if you carefully budget your own minutes if you have a teenager using up minutes at a record pace. Going over the amount of minutes set up for the plan can be very expensive. Overage charges can be substantial, so you are better off over estimating your usage minutes rather than going for a number that is unrealistically low.

Although it can be very tempting to sign up for all of the wonderful options being offered when you start shopping for wireless plans, it is vitally important to take into consideration what options you will actually need and make use of on a regular basis. If you have no real reason for advanced options, and they cost more, just skip them. Do not let yourself be talked into upgrading to something you cannot really afford. Shop around and tell yourself before you ever go out looking that you will not sign up for anything until you have thoroughly checked out at least four different plans. Just this simple step should give you time to consider things carefully and make a wise choice in the end.

The Inside Scoop on DVD Player Recorders

You may have been faced with the daunting number of home DVD player recorders available, but if you know what to look for you will be able to choose from them without breaking a sweat. Without going into many of the technical details you will be able to tell which player to get and which one to avoid on the long run. Home electronics has been a synonym to home entertainment for quite a while now, but it hadnot always been like that. You could buy a television and a satellite receiver and call it entertainment. Now it is much more complicated so if you want to stay on the ball, you need to know the ins and outs of the individual players. This article won’t give you that, but you will have a strong idea about what works and what doesnot. DVD players are available at any supermarket, online outlet or retailer. You donot even have to break the budget; that’s how common they really are.


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Which Kindles Can You Buy in the UK?

UK buyers are now able to purchase all types of Kindle Reader. But not all will be shipped from the UK and those shipped from the US may well incur import duty. Here are the types of New Kindle you are able to buy with delivery from the UK: The most popular choice is the new UK Kindle 3G & WI-Fi enabled. This pretty little 6 reading device can now be ordered with free UK delivery and no worries about import taxes. It costs a little less than one hundred and fifty pounds and works straight out of the box. You can utilize the free 3G and Wi-Fi connection to browse the Kindle eBook store and order new titles that are then sent instantly to the device. The second type of Kindle you can now buy in Britain is the Wi-Fi only 6 kindle. This is exactly the same as the version above (commonly known as the Kindle 3) except that it lacks 3G connectivity. You can use Wi-Fi hotspots to browse online and download new eBooks or use a computer and then transfer material to the device via a USB cable.

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By forgetting the 3G signal you can save yourself forty pounds which makes this an attractive option for many. Both the 6 Kindles offer excellent value for money, particularly now that Kindle books are some of the cheapest electronic books available. They provide storage capacity for around 3500 books and will provide a whole month of reading time between charges due to improvements with their battery life.

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The quality of the e-ink technology display has improved greatly over the last year, and it is now possible to read in even the brightest sunlight as the contrast and definition is so good. With a newer, more lightweight body than ever before both the new Kindles available in the UK offer a comfortable reading experience so natural you will forget you are reading electronically. Find more articles on technology by visiting our home page.