A Glimpse Of Garageband Guide Song Creation

Ranging from music pros to beginners, all have given their thumps up for Garageband. Instilled with plethora of features, this musical software has beaten all the amateurs as well as pros at once. Now the question is how does one use it or if you are a beginner how would you record or create your first song. The fact that the tune is hovering in your mind won`t give you success unless you use the keys to master that tune. Here is a guide of Install Garageband Software on windows 8.1 and at A Glimpse Of Garageband Guide Song Creation, we are going to talk about song creation.

Song creation

For creating a song you would have to start from the simple Apple loops. Now the question is what are apple loops? Actually apple loops are the pre recorded audio samples for beginners and actually they are fun to listen and you can use them in the song making. In fact, once the apple loop gets on you, you won`t escape from using it. They are worth of listening. So initially we keep the apple loops in the picture to create a song.

  • Accessing the loops- to access the loops, you will have to select the loops from the top right corner of Garageband. When you click, there will appear a menu for selection of loops.
  • Picking and adding drum tracks- click on the “all drums” option and a list will be displayed where selecting the drums option would be showed. In the first half of the loop menu you will see the categories of loops. Now scroll down and select from the menu” 80 pops beat 09” and click on it. By clicking you will get to preview the loop.
If you closely look at the middle of the Garageband workspace a message will be shown “Drag Apple loops”. Click on it and drag the loop to bar one of the projects below the “Classic Electric Piano”. If all goes successful you will see a new track is created. If you press space bar you would hear drum loop being played.
  • Adding bas track- to add the bass track to the track, go back to the loop menu and select “Reset” option. Click on the bass button and get the loop known as” 80s Dance Bass 05” and select it. You can also preview it by clicking it. Now drag the loop to the timeline of the workspace where you added the previous loop. If successful, you will see the screen with 2 tracks added.
  • Cycle tool- it is a very important since it helps in playing a section of song again and again. When the cycle tool is active, a yellow bar would be seen above the screen. When you activate the cycle tool, the Garageband would only play the section of track covered by the yellow bar. You can locate this tool at the top right of LCD screen of the Garageband workspace.
  • Saving the track- once you are done with creating song, you can save it in the mp3 format and can even export to a disc and share with your friends and relatives on social media directly via Garageband.
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